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Current Edition

On Tuesday 26 November, Medicines Australia members adopted Edition 19 of the Code of Conduct. Edition 19 will come into effect on 30 March 2020.

Edition 19

Code of Conduct Edition 19 pdf_icon 985k

The Code of Conduct Resource Toolkit, which supports the implementation of the principles in Edition 19 can be found here. This Toolkit will be built upon as Edition 19 is implemented.

Edition 19 of the Code of Conduct has adopted a principles-based approach, streamlining information into clear sections and removing outdated provisions from previous editions, while maintaining the same ethical standards and transparency of reporting. In the past, Medicines Australia has produced a document which outlines the changes made when releasing a new edition of the Code. Edition 19 of the Code underwent a complete re-write, which makes production any such document impossible.  Medicines Australia recommends the Code of Conduct Bridging Program conducted by the University of Tasmania, to provide detailed information on the application of the Code of Conduct.

Edition 18

Request Copies of the Code

Medicines Australia is no longer publishing the Code of Conduct in hard copy.