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Code of Conduct Review

The Medicines Australia Code of Conduct has been in operation since the early 1960s. Code Edition 17 came into effect on 11 January 2013. The ACCC granted authorisation of Edition 17 of the Code for two years.

Medicines Australia has recently completed the review of the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct to develop Edition 18. The Code review primarily considered the inclusion of further measures in the Code to provide transparency about payments or other transfers of value from pharmaceutical companies to healthcare professionals.

Submissions were invited from individuals, healthcare professional or patient organisations, pharmaceutical companies and other interested parties. All public submissions are available from the Submissions page.

Edition 18 of the Code was unanimously adopted by Medicines Australia’s members at a general meeting on 17 June 2014. A copy of the new Code is available here and a summary of the changes included in Edition 18 is available here.

Medicines Australia has applied to the ACCC for authorisation of the new Code. As the authorisation process has not yet concluded, the ACCC granted interim authorisation of the current Code of Conduct Edition 17, to allow it to remain the effective Code until the authorisation for Code Edition 18 is determined.  The Final Determination on authorisation of Code Edition 18 is expected to be issued by the ACCC by the end of March 2015, with the new transparency reporting starting from 1 October 2015.

If you require further information, please contact Medicines Australia on (02) 6122 8500.

Health Consumer Workshops

During the review of the Code of Conduct in 2013-14 Medicines Australia organised workshops to assist consumers to engage in the review process. The workshops were held in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne and were independently facilitated by Ms Ann Porcino, RPR Consulting. The Report of the Consumer Workshops is available below.