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Advisory Board Reports

Edition 17 of the Code of Conduct requires that all Medicines Australia members must report details of the aggregate fees paid by them to participate in Advisory Boards.

“Advisory Board” is not defined under the Code. It is generally understood to refer to a meeting of healthcare professionals with specific expertise contracted to meet at regular intervals to provide advice on a Company’s Product or group of products. An Advisory Board for a given Product may be conducted for a number of years and the membership of the Board may vary over time. The meetings are commonly held at external venues.

Reporting Timelines

Advisory Board reports are to be submitted to Medicines Australia every six months. The reporting periods are April – September; and October – March. Reports are to be submitted to Medicines Australia within one month of the end of the reporting period. All Member Company reports are to be published by Medicines Australia within three months of the end of the reporting period.

Company Reports Summary

1 October 2014 – 31 March 2015 Numbers including costs
Number of company reports 31
Number of Advisory Board meetings 115
Number of attendees 973
Total Sitting Fees $1,617,681
Hospitality cost $481,173
Average cost of hospitality per head $495
Total cost of events $2,413,252
Average cost of Advisory Board per head $2,480