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Code Workshops

Code workshops will be held on the fourth Wednesday of every month from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon. These workshops will be run via webinar and are available to Medicines Australia Member companies, non-member companies, and businesses/individuals working with the pharmaceutical industry. To register for the next available Code Workshop, please complete the registration form below.

Webinar Date Registrations close Workshop Topic
17th April 2019 12th April 2019 Code of Conduct & CEP Update
22nd May 2019 17th May 2019 Code 101 – General Code Basics
26th June 2019 21st June 2019 Interacting with Healthcare Professionals
24th July 2019 19th July 2019 Code Admin Update
28th August 2019 23rd August 2019 Privacy Data
25th September 2019 20th September 2019 Cancelled
23rd October 2019 18th October 2019 Topic open to suggestions
27th November 2019 22nd November 2019 The Code of Conduct Year in Review Edition 18