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Transparency Reporting

Transparency of payments and transfers of value

Medicines Australia is a strong advocate for transparency of payments and other transfers of value provided by the Australian medicines industry to health consumer organisations and healthcare professionals. The purpose of disclosure of payments and other activities is to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to this endeavour. It is our hope that this disclosure will help the general public to better understand the nature and extent of programs we support in the interest of increasing quality use of medicines, advancing patient care and supporting our local communities.

For this reason, and to ensure continued public trust in these relationships, the Code of Conduct includes requirements for reporting of payments and benefits to healthcare professionals (e.g. speaker fees, consultant fees, and advisory board member fees) and greater disclosure of the nature of our relationships with health consumer organisations.

To access the new reports for payments and transfers of value made to healthcare professionals please click here (please follow link)

Medicines Australia Code of Conduct

All of the activities reported by Medicines Australia member companies are subject to the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is authorised by the ACCC and is updated regularly. It sets the standard for the ethical marketing and promotion of medicines.

Under the Code, the provision of gifts to doctors is banned. Entertainment is banned. The provision of lavish hospitality is banned.

Breaching the Code of Conduct

Where a breach of the Code of Conduct is suspected, a complaint can be lodged with the Code of Conduct Committee, an independent body chaired by a trade practices lawyer.

Companies found to have breached the Code of Conduct can be fined up to $300,000.

Medicines Australia invites scrutiny of these activities. We encourage people to lodge a complaint with the independent Code of Conduct Committee where they think company behaviour may be inappropriate.