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Payments to Healthcare Professionals

A Strong, Transparent Code

In May 2015, Medicines Australia introduced the 18th Edition of its Code of Conduct for innovative Australian pharmaceutical companies which strengthened the requirements for reporting of payments by companies to healthcare professionals for the provision of services and where support is provided for education.

Since October 2015, Medicines Australia member companies have been required to collect information about healthcare professionals who receive payments or educational support through airfares, accommodation or registration fees.  For the first year, companies requested the agreement of the healthcare professionals received payments or educational support for their information to be published in a report.  After 12 months of settling into the new system, the Code transitioned to mandatory reporting of these payments to healthcare professionals for member companies.

In August 2019, Medicines Australia launched a centralised reporting system that brings together all its member companies’ reports into a searchable platform available at More information on this database can be found here.

The innovative Australian medicines industry is putting patients first by showing the value of industry partnerships and taking the lead to boost transparency. The new Code will also build on 55 years of successful, responsible, ethical industry self-regulation.

This edition of the Code was developed through broad consultation through peak bodies over more than two years and has been authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission as part of a global industry effort to improve accountability and transparency. The disclosure requirements have the support of healthcare professional and patient groups who were directly consulted on the changes to the Code.

Medicines Australia recognises that a strong working relationship and ongoing knowledge exchange between the medicine makers and healthcare professionals are critical to better patient outcomes. This expert advice from experienced professionals is important to ensure vital new medicines are developed quickly and safely.

The Medicines Australia Code ensures that the innovative medicines industry continues to set the benchmark for successful, responsible and ethical industry self-regulation.

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