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Educational Event Reports

Why pharmaceutical companies provide medical education events

Pharmaceutical companies have an obligation to ensure all healthcare professionals have access to the latest information about prescription medicines.

One of the ways this information is conveyed is though educational events provided for doctors, pharmacists and nurses by pharmaceutical companies.

These events can range from small meetings in surgeries to evening briefings over dinner, to a weekend conference for hundreds of healthcare professionals.

No one knows medicines as well as those who make them. That is why healthcare decisions affecting Australian patients must be informed by ethical dialogue between those who make pharmaceuticals and those who prescribe, dispense or administer them.

Reporting Timelines

Educational Event Reports are to be submitted to Medicines Australia every six months. The reporting periods are April – September; and October – March. Reports are to be submitted to Medicines Australia within one month of the end of the reporting period. All Member Company reports are to be published by Medicines Australia within three months of the end of the reporting period.

Company Reports Summary

1 April – 30 September 2015 Numbers including costs
Number of reports 37
Number of Educational Events 14,872
Number of attendees 514,687
Education hours 36,559
Hospitality Cost $20,254,246
Average cost of hospitality per head $39.35
Total cost of events $43,368,775
Average cost of event per head $84.26