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Pharma Australia Gender Equity (PAGE)

Pharma Australia Gender Equality (PAGE)

Pharma Australia Gender Equity (PAGE) is a special interest group of Medicines Australia. It was formed in 2017 to strengthen the industry’s approach to developing talent by ensuring all people have equal opportunities to advance and be rewarded.

Our Vision

Gender equity is about both women and men. It’s about creating conditions that bring out the best in all people. PAGE is committed to establishing the pharmaceutical industry as a known leader in gender equity.

Our priority areas

While the pharmaceutical industry is leading other industries in policies and practices that support gender equity, there is still work to be done. PAGE focuses on the following priority areas:

Mainstreaming flexible workingEmployers in the sector can better integrate flexible work solutions and strengthen equitable access to these ways of working by redesigning part-time and job-share roles and fostering a culture of trust that values the outcomes over a person’s work over presenteeism or outputs.

Improving parental leave for all The industry can further support working families by strengthening provisions for paid primary and secondary carers’ leave, improving the provision superannuation on unpaid parental leave and opportunities to return to work part time. This will support industry retention of talent and equitable access to leave provisions for all employees.

Addressing pay gapsWhile the average pay gap for the sector is less than the general market, there is a 2.4% like-for-like pay gap and new female employees being paid an average of 5.2% less than males. Pharmaceutical companies can start moving from ‘good to great’ on pay equity by conducting an audit and being transparent with the results.  

Increasing female representation in leadershipA key focus is to ensure the industry is supporting and enabling women to progress to senior executive and Head of Organisation roles. Increasing female representation at the leadership level is crucial to building and maximising high potential female talent for the future.

In 2019 PAGE is assisting these efforts by:

  • Rolling out our Flex Ready flagship program to provide access to world-leading training to implement flexible work for all employees
  • Hosting structured workshops on our priority areas to share advice and tools to take action
  • Promoting our achievements and sharing learnings to external audiences to ensure others can learn from our experiences


Become a PAGE member

If your organisation is interested in becoming a member or you have any questions about the group, please contact Co-Chairs Kate Richards and Fabienne Connet