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Pharma Australia Inclusion Group (PAIG)

Pharma Australia Inclusion Group (PAIG) is a special interest group of Medicines Australia. It was established in 2017 to build a more inclusive industry where all people are equally valued, rewarded and thrive. Originally named PAGE (Pharma Australia Gender Equity), the group has evolved to reflect a broader focus on inclusion.

Our Vision

Inclusion is the foundation of equity and impacts all aspects of an organisation. Inclusive workplaces are key to strengthening talent attraction and retention and creating conditions that bring out the best in all people. PAIG is committed to establishing the pharmaceutical industry as a known leader in inclusion.

Our priority areas

While the pharmaceutical industry is leading other industries in policies and practices that support inclusion, there is still work to be done. PAIG is currently focused on the following priority areas:

Mental Health and Wellness – Stigma around mental health still exists today, making it difficult for people to be open about it in the workplace. PAIG aims to play a role in helping organisations navigate mental health conversations and continue its focus on flexible working, mindfulness and resilience training.   

Age and Generations – There are unconscious biases that people hold about different generations. PAIG is working to better define this problem in the context of the Australian pharma industry and develop solutions that encourage collaboration and understanding. The aim will be to create multi-generational workplaces where everyone can thrive and benefit from working with those across different generations.

LGBTQI+ – Many pharma industry organisations are working to support members of the LGBTQI+ community. PAIG is working to identify the issues this community faces in the industry and set benchmarks so organisational efforts are focused on interventions that make the biggest impact.

In 2020 PAIG is assisting these efforts by:

  • Hosting structured workshops on the priority areas to provide advice and tools to take action.
  • Continuing to promote their achievements and share knowledge with external audiences to ensure others can learn from their experiences
  • Focusing on measurement tobetter quantify the impact of their efforts.


Become a PAIG member

If your organisation is interested in becoming a member or you have any question about the group, please contact Co-Chairs Fiona Sheppard and Lee Davelaar